Time.com: 10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas  


I came across a great article at Time.com called 10 Things You can Like About $4 Gas. The article suggests that high gas prices can reduce insurance costs, pollution, traffic deaths, and even promote healthier lifestyles. Number 5, More Frugality, touches on car stuff, and even talks about hyper-miling.

Anyway, the article got me thinking about how carpooling can be an excellent way to turn a gas sucking SUV into a "commuter bus" for coworkers. Even 2 or 3 people sharing a ride can greatly increase the miles per gallon per person, and by sharing the fuel costs, the riders will save money as well.

Are we reaching the tipping point where people who might have never considered ride sharing in the past, might now participate as a way to cut back on costs? I think so.

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